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May-July 2021: 

This summer, the Johnston lab teamed up with Trinity College Dublin, School of Genetics and Microbiology and welcomed Marija Stepanovica and Adam McGlinchey, both pursuing their BSc in Human Genetics. 


Both Adam and Marija worked with me on the genome/epigenome characterization of bacterial species isolated from human colorectal tumors.  Find each of their published findings under the "Publications" page!

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April-August 2021: 

Through SoundBio Lab, I served as a mentor to two high school students interested in learning how to teach a bioinformatics workshop. I helped Hannah (she/her) and Viviana (she/her) generate their teaching material, learn teaching techniques, and deliver their free workshops to English-speaking participants from all over the globe!  


Students Mentored in the Laboratory




2016, 2017




M. Stepanovica (undergraduate intern), Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

A. McGlinchey (undergraduate intern), Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

A. Pinnock (undergraduate thesis student), Harvard University 

A. Donovan (high school summer student), Harvard University

J. Cheng (rotation student), Harvard University

M. Rangel (undergraduate summer intern), Harvard University

Peer Mentor, Summer Research Opportunities Program, Harvard University


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SoundBio Lab (Oct 2020- Present)

Board Member

Education & Outreach Committee Member: Developing and delivering educational materials. Served as mentor for 2021 Teens Teaching Teens Program. 

Community Engagement Committee Chair: Public engagement and marketing. 

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Hutch United (2020-2022)

Board Member

Community Co-Chair 

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STEM Outreach

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